Suzhou PROGRESS precision parts Co.,LTD.
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Quality control for high-precision

We acquired the ISO9001 certification swiftly and conduct thorough quality control not only during shipment but also at the manufacturing stage.

We are equipped with the latest measurement technology level with the use of CMM, Image measuring machine that could give high-quality measurement and equipped to maintain stable and precise quality control system.

We are certified with eco-stage 2 (equivalent to ISO14001) and promote awareness in manufacturing environmentally

Consistent quality, requirement for mass production

Equipped with thorough quality system in the field of automotive, particularly for critical and safety mechanism where quality defect is unacceptable, 100% visual inspection is applied upon request of customer.

In addition to quality control for traceability from manufacturing to delivery, we have established strict product standards, product samples and product data management and the implementation of thorough quality control system.

Designer and Press section staff shared information for Kaizen activity that helps to improve quality